The Serbian Singing Society Ravanica of Detroit was originally organized in 1931 as a male choir and is one of the 5 charter members of the Serbian Singing Federation. In 1933, the choir invited a group of ladies to join them and the new Ravanica mixed choir was formed.

The Ravanica Choir is very active in our community and is committed to sing the liturgical responses each and every Sunday. In addition, they perform in various concerts and fun events throughout the year. In the past, the choir has hosted national events such as the Serbian Singing Federation Festival and the S.S.F. Choral Workshop, in addition to hosting choirs from other cities. The Ravanica Choir is certainly in the hearts of fellow Serbs who have continued to attend their local concerts and their many Veselo Vece performances.

The S.S.S. Ravanica often travels to the S.S.F. Festivals and are invited to travel throughout the United States and Canada as guests in other Serbian parishes. Some of their recent travels have taken them to Kansas City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Windsor Ontario, Hamilton Ontario, Chicago and Joliet, to name a few.

Always looking for new members, the Ravanica Choir invites anyone with an interest in singing to join! If you would like to meet new Serbian people both here in Detroit and across the country, come join us on Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. for practice at the Troy Community Center in Troy and on Sunday mornings in the St. Lazarus choir loft!

Come and be a member of this great organization – sing responses for the Serbian Orthodox Divine Liturgy on Sundays, as well as perform cultural music from many Serbian and American/Serbian composers. Engage in the fun and fellowship!

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