Posetioci Ravanice ~ Ravanica Visits

We are a group of volunteers who visit individuals who live alone, or are ill, or are restricted in their mobility. We believe that every individual is an important asset to our St. Lazarus community. Staying in contact with each other is one way we can strengthen our church. We visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and residences of all kinds.


What happens in a Visit?

We converse for about one hour; and if the visit was a pleasant experience we will set up a time for a return visit by one of the group. The idea is simple; the visit should be a warm experience for all involved. We hope that the person being visited has a pleasant experience. No fee is charged and no donations can be accepted. The person being visited can be conscious or not.


What Visitors cannot do?

The Visitors are volunteers who wish to strengthen the ties to our congregational community. Visitors are not social workers, nor are they trained medical professionals. They do not have training in psychiatric treatment. We believe that these matters are best handled by professionals. We do not seek to replace visits by family, friends, and kumovi, we want to add to the number of people who visit an individual.


If I receive a Visit can I also become a Visitor?

Absolutely, we all can be both receivers and givers. Visits are not only for the lame and ill they are for all those who would benefit from a quiet visit.


How can I become a Visitor?

The requirements for becoming a Visitor are that you are a friendly, open person who believes that personal connections are the strength of our congregational community.

All volunteers are asked to attend a short orientation and then they will be ready to make their first visit.


You can request a visit or become a volunteer emailing us:

Mila Bednarz Karen Todorov

Always friends, never forgotten ~ Zauvek prijatelji, nikada zaboravljeni