Have you heard about all the great things happening at St. Lazarus?

You may have come to church to ask for God’s blessing, for your health or the health of your family, but God has so much more to give. Join us and see all the things that are possible through Him. St. Lazarus is full of activities for all ages and stages of one’s life. From babies to babas, we can all benefit from joining the St. Lazarus community.

Sunday School & Youth Program– Nursery School to High School our children not only learn our religion, culture and language but have a blast doing it. Join them on the many learning adventures and group activities. It is never too late to enroll. Contact the Sunday School or Youth Program Directors today!


Ravanica Sisters These generous and loving ladies make St. Lazarus and our community a better place to live. From feeding the homeless to providing for abused women, this group is the heart and soul of our Parish. Young ladies ages 6 and up are also welcome to join the Junior Sisters and learn to love and give just like their mothers, aunts and grandmothers do (did). If you are looking to make a difference, this is the place for you.


Pensioners Club- Join our active Retiree community and enrich your life! From supporting our youth and helping around the Cathedral to taking road trips around the Detroit area or surrounding states, this group of individuals are the most committed and most welcoming. If you have time to spare, the Pensioners are ready for you.


Choir – Sunday service would not be as beautiful, enjoyable and touching without our choir. Our talented Choir members not only host other choirs but also travel to Serbian parishes in the US and Canada as a guest choir. You are never too young or too old to sing so join the choir today!


Visitors of Ravanica – Not everyone is able to join us every Sunday in church so we bring a piece of Ravanica to those who are sick or shut-in. Imagine how much you can touch a person just by stopping by to say hello. Nothing is more uplifting than a familiar face and a warm smile. Join our group of visitors and make someone’s day!


Sports Club- Come and shoot some hoops with our boys, girls and adult teams. Staying active is important whether you are a young child or an adult. Don’t play? Don’t worry! Try coaching or cheering on our St. Lazarus teams.



Altar Boys-  All boys in the parish who are in 3rd grade or older may serve as an Altar Boy. Being an Altar Boy is a wonderful way to learn the Divine Liturgy. This form of kid’s stewardship creates a sense of friendship and fellowship among the youth.