For The Book Club of St. Lazarus – Ravanica,
by Snežana Milutinović

A few weeks ago I joined the “Book Club” at our church, and met an incredible group of people, who are meeting every Friday at 7 pm. The backbone of the group is Mrs. Karen Todorov, a wonderful lady who most of you have known much longer than me, and who does not need a long introduction. Well, that wonderful lady “made” the Book Club members read a book called Living the Liturgy which was written by the Greek priest Stanley Harakas in 1974. There are no words to tell you how impressed each of us was with this book. This book helped us understand the structure, the meaning, and symbolism of our Divine Liturgy; and with regards to me personally, this book changed my attitude about coming to church, and made me reflect more about our faith and my personal belief. We are all very thankful to Karen for sharing this book with us.

As Karen shared this book with us, we at the Book Club were thinking that we should “pay it forward,” and share with you what we learned and found out. For that reason, in the following weeks we are going to present to you different parts of this book and our views regarding it.

Also, we decided to video record the Divine Liturgy, and try to make it more understandable to all people in our church. With Fr. Živan’s blessing, a member of our group, Dubravko Vukmirović video recorded the Divine Liturgy, and we will be presenting and explaining it to you in the weeks that follow. A part of it, the Preparation (Proskomidija) you can watch it at in the Ravanica Videos section under the News tab.

In the meantime, we would like to invite all of you to join us, every Friday at 7 pm in the church’s library. See you there.