We Are Ravanica – Video Project For Centennial Celebration

A centennial celebration is not just about the past. The one-hundred-year anniversary our congregation is reaching is also about recording the present. The video project “WE ARE RAVANICA” will record the names and faces of our congregation. We need you, your family, and friends to make this project complete.

What do I have to do? 1.  Assemble a group of at least two people. 2. Come to church any Sunday and get a number. 3. When your number is called come up to the camera and introduce yourself–in English or in Serbian– to the camera (we will tell you how to do it). That’s it! Less than 5 minutes and you are part of Ravanica history!

Are there any rules? No. It doesn’t matter how big your group is, but you must have at least two people! We look forward to seeing you on camera! More questions? Contact me, Karen R Todorov, at karenrtodorov@hotmail.com or 734.634.9481.