Last Sunday, we had a very important meeting to update our entire congregation on our financials and on the work of the Planning Committee to ensure our church’s future.  As a result, we are forming a number of committees to address areas that the Planning Committee identified as needing improvement.  Below is a list of those committees, a long with a brief statement of purpose for each.  Each and every parishioner of St. Lazarus is welcome, and strongly encouraged, to serve on one or more of these committees, as their particular interests or skills suggest.  Please contact to let us know which one(s) you’d be interested in serving on.  There is no committment at this point, if you decide you don’t like it, no problem.  But if ever there was a time to step forward and take ownership of your church, this is it.  Each one of these committees will hopefully have one member of the Planning Committee on it and each one will report to the Ravanica Executive Board.

If you would like a copy of the Planning Committee report or the financials that were supplied with it emailed to you, please contact