As you all know, the 74th Annual Serb National Federation Basketball Tournament is fast approaching. It is truly an honor for our church and SNF Lodge 98 to host this event. Our Tournament Committee has been hard at work for well over a year now making preparations. I would like to note a couple of very important points. 
First, the proceeds from this event will go directly to our church. The SNF is entitled to a 10% share of the revenues, but other than that, St. Lazarus is the sole beneficiary of the net income. This is important to note, because many people have asked if the income would go toward the sports club or some other church club. This is not the case … all of the proceeds go toward the church, which makes it important for you to VOLUNTEER, which brings me to my second point: 
PLEASE VOLUNTEER to help make this the very best SNF basketball tournament ever! You can contact Sally Timarac (volunteer coordinator), or click here for the tournament website. There, you will see a list of needed positions. Whether you can give a few hours, or just one or two, we need you, and we want you to participate!!! In addition to being a great fundraiser, those that volunteer will share in a very memorable experience: working side by side with their fellow parishioners on a very fun event. If you have any questions at all about the tournament, feel free to contact a member of the tournament committee, or you can always ask me personally.
Michael Balow 
Church Board President