We believe that every individual is an important asset to our St. Lazarus community.  Staying in contact with each other is one way we can strengthen our church. We are a group of volunteers who visit individuals who live alone, or are ill, or are restricted in their mobility. We visit individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, their homes, and residences of all kinds.  You can contact us at outreach@ravanica.org to arrange a visit for yourself or a loved one.
Find out about who Ravanica Visits – Posetioci Ravanice is visiting by going to our Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook you can reach us at:
This will take you to our page and you do not have to join Facebook. Make sure to bookmark us!  If you are already on Facebook just type Ravanica Visits in the search bar.  We post weekly pictures and stories about the people we visit.