One year ago, we began fundraising for the purchase of property. Parishioners have been very generous and we appreciate all the support we have received. Approximately 100 families have donated $1,000 or more and others have been supportive with varying amounts.

The availability of properties in our target area is very limited. Property prices vary. Prime properties with unlimited building restrictions are more costly. Other properties, which contain wetlands, restrict the number of “buildable” acres but are less expensive. Asking prices are typically $100,000 or more per acre, depending on the quality of the property. Realistically, we need a minimum of at least 5 acres, which is similar in size to our current site. Previously, we had suggested multiple possible uses for property. Considering the limited number of acres we can afford to purchase, construction projects will likely be limited to a church, church school classrooms, administrative offices and a hall.

In light of these considerations, we are expanding our search in two ways. We are broadening our search outside our original target area and we are also investigating parcels which have limitations, but are more affordable.

While parishioners have been, and continue to be, very generous with donations, we are open to suggestions about how to solicit larger donations. If the opportunity arises, we may approach the congregation for permission to make a purchase in the near future and having the largest possible down payment would be the best possible situation.

Again, thank you for your continued support. We will keep you informed as we move forward. If you have any questions or suggestions, including knowledge about an available property, please feel free to discuss these issues with members of the Land Fundraising Committee.

Co-Chair Donna Rajkovic, Co-Chair Roy Downie, Father Zivan, Mike Rajkovic, George Nickson, Pero Isakovic, Boban Trajcevski, Julie Djuric, Zoran Djuric, Donna Medich, Natasha Nestorovski, Patty Vulinovic, Mary Downie, Donna Medich, Greg Borchich, Butch Beslach, Mike Balow