Dear Parents,

  • Thank you to all the parents and children who participated last Saturday in Holy Communion service & the Sisters Lenten Breakfast.  It was the best attended Saturday communion service Fr. Zivan has had. We encourage all families to partake in holy confession & holy communion during this Great Lent. We had lessons last week for the children on the significance of fasting and communion. If you want more information on Holy Communion and the lesson your child may have missed please see your child’s teacher.
  • SVETI SAVA VIDEOS ARE HERE: The videographer dropped them off Monday. Please bring check or cash this Sunday. VIDEOS ARE $10 We have forty videos for sale. Many people have spoken for them. Please email Ruza how many you want. She will put them aside for you.
  • We still are missing some St. Sava Costumes. Please return this week. It is important that we receive them for future events
  • Thank you to all the boys and fathers who attended the Altar Boy Workshop Feb 26, 2012.
  • Thank  you to Aleks Pavlovich, Niko Nickson, Sandra Popadic & Nikki Vulinovic for reading Apostle/Epistle the last couple weeks. They did a fabulous job! If you want your child to read apostle/epistle in church in the next few months please contact Ruza 586.531.1678 or by email
  • We have a lot of fun events planned for March, April & May. We encourage you to bring your children each week. Many of the children have expressed that they want to stay for cultural and dance but they have to go home. The other children that stay for cultural then are dissapointed because their friends cannot. In order for your child to experience all the wonderful activities we plan we must have attendance. Many times the activities we plan we cannot execute with the little attendance.
  • We have started teaching the two groups (older & younger) 2 new kolos which we are excited to teach them. The children will also be practicing Junior Choir from now until Easter. We have some really great songs that we started teaching them last week. Below is a link to one of them so they can listen at  home!
  • We are looking for children who play flute, clarinet, piano or violin. These children need to know how to read sheet music and be able to perform in front of the church school parents/parish on Vrbica/St. Lazarus Sunday.  Please let Julie or Ruza know if your child is willing and able to do so.

Hristos Voskrese – Radost Donese

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS BELOW FOR UPCOMING EVENTS our church/church school is planning:

April ? –  Roller Skating Party DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED IT WILL DURING THE EASTER BREAK April 2-April7

April 7- VRBICA (St. Lazarus Saturday) 5pm  This is a very special holiday for our church as well as our CHILDREN. This is the service where the children walk around the church 3x with bells. Following liturgy we will proceed to the church hall for refreshments and desert. The kids will have a small program for Easter. The children will be singing and will recite a small poem for Easter.  Following the program children will color & decorate easter eggs to take home.

April 8- Palm Sunday we will have church school but NO cultural due to strict fast week. The Children will have an important Easter Lesson

April 13 Good Friday Vespers 6pm with Lenten Dinner

April 15 Easter – no Church School

April 22 Sunday- Ladies Tea sponsored by Kolo Sisters. We will have Church School but  No Cultural ProgramAll ladies, mothers & young girls may attend for FREE. Sandwiches, appetizers and deserts will be offered to enjoy your afternoon. There will be vendors such as jewellery, purses, makeup, bakeware etc will be there for your shopping pleasure. While ladies are having tea,fathers & sons will have pizza, popcorn & a movie on the big screen TV in the small hall.

April 27- Friday Stefan’s Hope Spaghetti Dinner- come out and support our Nesovski Family in raising money for autism awareness.

April 29- Fashion Show – We will have church school that day but no cultural. Our fashion show will be at 2pm.

May 20 – Kumovi Day / End of year Celebration (last day of Church School & Cultural) A LOT OF FUN ACTIVITIES PLANNED THIS DAY.. DETAILS TO FOLLOW!

See You Sunday,

Julie, Zoran & Ruza