Church Library Redesign

The Sisters would like to invite you come and walk through to see the completed first phase of our Church Library.

We would like to thank the following stewards for their time and talent in helping us complete our first phase:

Snezana Milutinovic, Silvana Martinov, Marija Mijac, Marie Nickson, Patty Vulinovic, Donna and Paul Bielich, Mila Bednarz for boxing up and moving the books out of the Church Library.  Daniel and Stevan Rajkovic, Snezana and Vojkan Zivkovic for moving all the book shelves, tables, chairs and filing cabinets out of the library in preparation for painting and carpeting.

Thank You to Slobodan Grabovac for donating the paint and to his crew for painting our Library.

Thank you to George Nickson, Mark Nezich, John Vukasovic and Roy Downie for assembling our new cabinets and two new book shelves. Mike and Daniel Rajkovic and Vojkan Zivkovic for returning all the book shelves, books and other pieces of furniture back to the library.  Thank you to Marie Nickson, Paul and Donna Bielich for the clean up and shelving of the books.

Our second phase will include purchasing new desks/chairs/computers/printer/TV and DVD player.  If you would like to contribute a monetary donation or your time please contact Donna Rajkovic at or 248-231-3343.  Thank You!