If you would like to run for a position on the church board, you must be a parishioner in good standing, and you must sign one of the forms which are available in the church office on Sundays.  This form will be sent to our Nominating Committee (Fr. Zivan, Rick Osborn and Marie Nickson) who will prepare the list of candidates for the election.  Any parishioner in good standing is able to run for a position, but you cannot run for more than one position.  Available positions include President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, Member at Large or Audit Chairperson.  If you have questions on what the various positions do, please contact Fr. Zivan or a current board member.  There are no “nominations from the floor” under our bylaws, so if you or someone you would like to run for office, please sign the list.  The deadline for registration is one week prior to our annual meeting, which is scheduled for February 12th.  Our church board is always open for good people to run for office.  Please consider serving our church in 2012.