Ravanica Centennial Anniversary

Did you know that we will be celebrating our Centennial Anniversary in 2015? That’s 100 years of Ravanica in Detroit. We have many plans in the works for the celebration and there is one you can start helping us with right now. WE NEED YOUR PICTURES! We’re talking weddings, christenings, St. Sava programs, slavas, holidays and all other pictures containing great shots of people and events at Ravanica over the last 100 years. In addition to photos of these events we’d really like to see pictures of WWII vets and Red Cross nurses from Ravanica, former board members, Sisters events of years past, and the construction of the new church.

Do you have photos like this? Please share with us! Email your pictures to editor@ravanica.orgTell us what is going on in the picture and the approximate date it was taken. If you have paper pictures to share, please be sure they are copies as we are unable to return submitted photos. You may mail them to: St. Lazarus Centennial Photos, 4575 East Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48234. We look forward to seeing your terrific photos and using them in our project!