Consider this

In His lifetime, our Lord Jesus Christ met many people.  With some he spoke, healed, passed by, grew up with, feed, suffered and even died with.  These people were all experiencing God, if we as Christians believe and as the Church attests to that Jesus was God incarnate.  But yet […]

Have you heard of Evangelism?

The term unfortunately has been lost in the Orthodox Church over the past centuries.  While the church has seemed to be always there, unfortunately very few Orthodox Christians seem to be there for the church. Did you ever wonder how and why the church came here to be there for […]


The last week, we as Orthodox Christians had many things to look forward to.  First the Resurrection of Lord and Savior, which was celebrated as Pascha, should be observed.  Secondly was the rare opportunity to see on national television in a very positive view our faith.  We received many emails […]

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