Imitation, the most sincere form of flattery. Throughout the New Testament, we are called especially by the Apostle Paul to imitate Christ as he has done.  In this call, St. Paul relates nothing more or less than what it means to be a Christian. While many people have claimed for themselves […]

Everybody into the Pool!

One the signs of the changing times is the lesser reliance on the local “swimming pool.” Most people now survive  the summer heat with air-conditioning and the “cooling off” at the pool seems to have lost some of the necessity of the past years.  Unfortunately by sitting in our climate […]

A Constant Gardener

Winters in Michigan can be long and dreary, the arrival of spring is proclaimed not by the opening day of baseball, or the even the calendar, but rather by the explosion of plants and flowers at the local home centers.  Even “Flower Day” has taken on its own special meaning as […]


These three numbers have come to represent in the modern world the ultimate meaning customer service; in the mind of the consumer.  Businesses have learned that only the concept of us receiving attention to our needs will lead us to the stores. Marketing in our country is BIG BUSINESS, since for […]

It’s a Matter of Choice!

In the book of Genesis, in the first chapter, we are told that “God created man according to His image after His likeness.” As Orthodox Christians we realize that we can never know the essence of God only His Divine Energies, but being made in His image and after His […]

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