Christmas Message

Dear Parishioners, As we near our Christmas, the day we celebrate the nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. In this event God the Father fulfilled his promise that He would send His only begotten son to save the world from sin and certain death. Of […]

The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox faith

“It is easy to lose perspective as to what the priority of the Christian life is and the power of Orthodox worship. Although we do all kinds of “activities” through the church, all kinds of programs, philanthropic work, ministries of various kinds and good works, our MAIN task is the […]

Sins Of The Mind

You ask if sins of the mind are dangerous? You know that one of the Holy Fathers has said that the essence of Christianity is the cleansing of the mind of evil thoughts. You also know that the Church lists three types of sin: in deed, in word, and in […]

About A Sower Of Tares

You tell me that a young man with new faith has come among you. He speaks against everything – against the Church, against the Saints, icons, the Cross, patron Saint’s days, and he is especially set against the Holy Mother of God. He goes from house to house, from shop […]

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