To A Young Teacher Who Asks, “Are There Any True Christians Today?”

Due to a number of very positive emails from last week’s message,  we again offer another Missionary Letter from St. Nikolaj

Yes, there are many. If there weren’t any, the bright  sun would go out. Why would such a precious lamp illumine a dwelling place of beasts?

I would need a lot of paper to write down all the beautiful examples of many Christians whom I have met in my life. And you would need a lot of time to read them all and soothe your soul. For now, reflect upon this one example. We were in Macva last summer. We were waiting for the train at a small station. I watched one old peasant woman by the tracks. Her face was old and waning, but illumined by that mysterious light which can often be noticed on the faces of spiritual people. I asked her, “Who are you waiting for sister?” “Well… whoever the Lord sends me,” she said. From further conversing we found this out – every day she comes to the station to see if there is a poor traveler there who might need food and lodging. And if such a person shows up, she receives him as if he was sent by the Lord. And she takes  him  to her home which is a kilometer away from the station.

We also found out from our conversation that she reads the Holy Scripture and attends services in the church, and fasts and keeps all the law of God. Later on, her neighbors told us that she is a living saint.

Eventually, I tried to praise her for her evangelical hospitality. But before I could finish she sighed and said, “Are all of us not His guests every day of our lives?” And tears gleamed in her eyes.

O merciful and sweet soul of the people! My young friend,  if you are to be the teacher of the people, you might often find yourself embarrassed, but if you are to learn from the people, you will never be embarrassed.
May God’s divine grace shine on you.

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